'Willingness To Learn’

At JNS we ensure that our players have the hunger, desire and passion required to learn and develop.


At JNS we ensure that we Nurture and support our players to becoming the best versions of themselves both on and off the pitch.

’Intelligence For The Game’

At JNS we want to teach our players the game through game like individual and team scenarios, with interactive educational based analysis sessions.

‘Emotional Control’

At JNS we believe our players will be put in all different learning environments where they’ll learn to develop the ability to control their emotional wellbeing.

’Never Give Up’

No matter how challenging the opposition or session, At JNS we want to support the player journey to become ‘Football Tough’ and strive to improve every aspect of their game.

‘Respect and Resilience’

At JNS to be considerate and polite to others whilst having the capacity to recover quickly from difficult situations. Being able to win with grace and lose with dignity is a key part of our JNS Identity.

‘Skill and Speed’

At JNS our players will be given every opportunity to improve their set of skills. To challenge and develop the players speed of thought ours sessions improve the speed and tempo of which our players play at.